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Quotes about Sean Midnight

Quotes about Sean Midnight

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Ian Dowland (51 years British Wrestling Fan, Portsmouth) [2/4/2009]:
I have been following British Wrestling since 1958 and I know a little bit about the sport, I have seen Sean Midnight wrestle in different parts of The UK and I believe that his comments about certain promoters is true in the fact that they do not book him, because in my mind they are just to lazy to learn about people and their disabilities, deafness should not be an issue for this capable young man as he is fit, he is strong, and he can wrestle. Sean Midnight is a nice man and he do not like being treated as any being any different to anyone else but the trouble is that he is being discriminated against, I believe if Sean Midnight had his hearing and there was not this language barrier then there would be promoters fighting to get Sean Midnight to work for them because he is good at his sport of wrestling.

Tommy McNulty  (Referee, Belfast) [6/4/2009]:
My opinion regarding the wrestling business, if you have a love and passion for it and your willing to put your all into it, then you can achieve your goal of becoming a professional wrestler. I haven’t known Sean Midnight that long, but I can tell he has that passion, it shouldn’t matter what colour, sex or if you have a disability. If you love going out and entertaining the fans which in my opinion he does well, then he belongs to the business, if I were wearing a hat I would take it off to him.

Kevin Gill (Wrestler, Cambridgeshire) [6/4/2009]:
Sean Midnight has a lethal bodyslam, and an even nastier leg drop that is certified to put anyone in a temporary coma....Watch out when the clock ticks to midnight! He's truly amazing wrestler.

Peter Staniforth (Promoter, Luton) [7/4/2009]:
I'm proud of Sean. What more can I say? It's people like him that I do this for, when I get fed up and bitter with this business; I remember how much harder it must have been and still is for guys like Sean Midnight, and how he overcomes his issues and still has an incredible love and desire for wrestling. And then I just feel quite silly for having felt down. Sean has a great sense of humour, and always manages to make me laugh; he's truly one of the best friends I have, and that's something that a communication barrier can't change.

Andrew Staniforth (Wrestling Fan, Luton) [7/4/2009]: 
Sean is my favourite wrestler in PTW, and I think he's great! I also think it's great he's so nice to my little sister!
Victoria Staniforth (Wrestling Fan, Luton) [7/4/2009]:
Sean lets me hold his clock that he brings with him when he comes to the ring to wrestle, and I think he's a really good wrestler, and I love him!

Graeme (Wrestling Fan, Kent) [7/04/2009]:
Sean Midnight is one of the most brilliant wrestlers in the UK. Not only is he a brilliant wrestler, he is also a brilliant mate too. It's great to be supporting such a talented and amazing wrestler. Every promotion in the UK and Worldwide should book Sean Midnight!
Gareth Lankshear (Wrestling Fan, Wales) [11/04/09]:
I'm a fan of UK wrestling and it's a pleasure to become a friend and fan of Sean Midnight. I recently had the pleasure of meeting him at Power Trip Wrestling. He keeps the fans delighted and is a great wrestler. To all promotions, don't discriminate against his hearing loss, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Keep it up, Sean Midnight!
Gareth Rothery (Wrestling Fan, Halifax) [18/06/09]:
Sean Midnight is a great wrestler with great spirit. The things he does in the ring without communication is great!

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