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The Facts About Sean Midnight
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This page just a bit of fun, there will telling you the facts about Sean Midnight! So enjoyed to see the facts about Sean Midnight!

  • Sean Midnight is Profoundly Deaf
  • Sean Midnight use British Sign Language to communicate
  • Sean Midnight secretly loves to be challenged
  • Sean Midnight is not afraid to eat alone in public
  • Sean Midnight is a huge fan of honest communication
  • Sean Midnightt occasionally drinks Coffee at through the night
  • Sean Midnight prefers Rugby to American Football
  • Sean Midnight have a great sense of humours
  • Sean Midnight's typical bedtime is 3 in the morning
  • Sean Midnight ideally likes to wake up at noon
  • Sean Midnight's favorite season is Spring
  • Sean Midnight understands why people say MySpace and MSN Messenger is very addictive
  • Sean Midnight's favorite number is nine
  • Sean Midnight prefers Dr Pepper over Dr Pepper Zero
  • Sean Midnight like to eat lots of different culture food.
  • Sean Midnight love to travelling across the world, and see lots of different culture in the worlds.
  • Sean Midnight own over 250 DVDs!
  • Sean Midnight was family-friend to former wrestler, "Bomber" Pat Roach who died on 17 July 2004 of throat cancer
  • Sean Midnight is member of International Charity, UNICEF.
  • Sean Midnight is fond of communicating via e-mail and face to face.
  • Sean Midnight strongly dislikes mustard
  • Sean Midnight hates when people stand still on in the shopping, or block the way. 
  • Sean Midnight used be travel with Lightning Lewis to the wrestling show, included training.
  • Sean Midnight travel 2 and half hours to UCW training, plus another 2 and half an hour to return (5 hours total!)
  • Sean Midnight join UCW straight way after he quitting KSW. But he never made KSW debut.
  • Sean Midnight attended to WWE WrestleMania 22.
  • Sean Midnight attend almost all of the WWE tapings show (RAW & Smackdown!/ECW) in the UK.
  • Sean Midnight prefer Taping Show than House Show.
  • Sean Midnight's live in famous area, He live in Bournville (Famous for Cadbury Chocolate Factory)
  • Sean Midnight live same road as BBC Midlands Today Reporter and Luton Town FC Chairman, Nick Owen.
  • Sean Midnight collection WWE Internet Exclusive Action Figures
  • Sean Midnight is huge Arsenal FC fan.
  • Sean Midnight was attend to some of Arsenal's matches, included Arsenal Vs. Man Utd, Arsenal Vs Birmingham City FC, Arsenal Vs Aston Villa.
  • Sean Midnight's favourite arena is the MEN Arena (Manchester Evening News Arena) 
  • Sean Midnight is now University Student, and expected to received the two of graduations at 2010 and 2011
  • Sean Midnight travelling to Power Trip Wrestling show with PTW's "Camera Dude" Justin.
  • Sean Midnight is one of Power Trip Wrestling fans' favourite.
  • Sean Midnight is trainer to newcomer wrestlers.
  • Sean Midnight's wrestling idol is "World of Sport" legend, Alan Kilby, now he got Alan Kilby's daughter as his manager!
  • Sean Midnight know two of the Strongest Links (and the Winners) on the BBC's Game show, The Weakest link!
  • Sean Midnight passed his driving theory test and practical driving test first time!
  • Sean Midnight is recognition in France and United States of America (USA). 
  • Sean Midnight lost his match by submit for the very first time after 6 years of his career, on 23rd April 2010, by Dustbin Dave.

More coming soon!

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