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Ladies, Gentlemen and Children.

I, Sean Midnight, would like to say thank you for visiting my website, I hope you have enjoyed with my career so far.

Since few weeks ago, I have had horrible thoughts about Drgaonian. I got a few nasty blackhole slam by Dragonian. Some people might proud of what they have taken, but I am not proud of it at all. Also at that PTW show in Derby. Mad Mike went through a television, and Chris Brookes suffered a ankle injured. I am quite disgusted by what I saw on that night. I have had nightmates; I've lost sleep and as you can judge from this I was very frighended by the event as a whole.

I lost to Davey Jones by cheated. Tiffany Wantsmore made me lose the match by hitting my back with Staniforth's steel clipboard, and I fell off from second rope to middle of the ring. I was resent that. I really shouldn't have accepted Tiffany Wantsmore at Davey Jones' corner on that night. So I could have beaten Davey Jones and Lightning Lewis in the fair and clean way, and win by pin fall!

Now I am at home, which for most of you would be at home and on your computer, laptop or the mobile. I however am from Birmingham. The home of: Shopping Capital of Europe, the Bullring shopping centre, St Andrews Stadium, Villa Park, the National Indoor Arena and much more. Now many of you might be upset by the fact I am talking about Petey Staniforth’s hometown, Luton, but there is a famous Birmingham citizen who is a huge Luton Town FC fan, in fact he is the Chairman of Luton Town. His name is Nick Owen, and he actually lives down the road from me, I spoke to him earlier this week. He wanted you to know also he wishes he could be at the wrestling show to see all of my great fans! But he would not want to see Petey Staniforth.

Now back to Mr. Arrogant Bastard, Petey Staniforth… Most of time, he tried to talk to me, but obviously I can't hear him. He got cocky because I didn’t listen but… I will show him who’s boss!

I have heard there were lots of complaints, that a lot of old ladies have been disturbed while trying to count their pennies at home, by the horrible din coming from the Petey Staniforth’s cocky arrogant behaviour, and his very annoying accent. Where is his respect? Honestly, old people are the back bone of our nation, they worked hard for us for years, now they just want to sit at home, watch Countdown and make cups of tea, seriously, who would stop him?

In next few weeks a time, myself and members of DWO, Davey Jones and Lightning Lewis will have a 6 men tag team elimination match and other team will be Team Petey…But, we are going to kick their ass! Am I right?!

I promised to my loyal fans, that we will do our best. When Midnight strikes, you will be ENTERTAINED!


Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sean Midnight. Sean, I believe you have a major announcement about your career?

Sean Midnight:
That's right. You know… I was first ever person to win the PTW British Champion in the history. I was being seen on the national televisions for the fourth times, including BBC and the SKY Digital. I also going to Las Vegas, America in July 2010 to doing the international show.

Before I make my announcement. Let's get a little reminder about what happened to my career at this year We see that Tommy Steven take the PTW British Champion away from me from Isle of Sheppey, and now we see G the lap dancing as the current PTW British Champion. We also see The Nemesis give me a cheap shot in Corby, Northampton, so do Mad Mike. Mad Mike give me a body slammed outside of the ring. We also see that Davey Jones and myself used be best friend, but now we hate each other, like as hell. Davey Jones give me a suplexed into concrete for twice, put me through the table. Petey Staniforth think it was okay to put me against to my best friend, Lightning Lewis, which has cause the fell off between two of us. Then he put me against to my trainer, American Allstar in march 2010, he has made the match as the flags match. Are Petey trying to embarrass to people to be proud of the British? So, you can see that I had lots of hell moment at this year. But the important, nothing has stopped me…

There is something wrong. Let me tell you what’s wrong. It was wrong for me to agreed to work for Petey Staniforth, but that is not wrong for me to wrestle for my fans. And now we’ve found out that Petey Staniforth is frail, he’s weak, he’s chicken…Most of them, he’s selfish! He’s selfish to call himself as “Best Manager of 2009”. He’s selfish to dragged Luton Town FC to the PTW show to defence himself. He’s selfish to choosing PTW based in Luton, so he would have to travelling long way to the show. He‘s selfish to end my career… What about he called himself as “As seen on National television”. He only appearance on the national television, because of me and lovely Tracey Kilby If we never work for PTW, then Petey Staniforth will never to appearance on the national television. No one would wanted him to be on the television. So he's one of Mr Scrooge.

So we can see that Petey Staniforth trying to end my career for good? All I can say is, he may trying it as hard as he can, but it will not end my career.

The problem is Petey Staniforth would not tell me what his plan for the Derby show in February 2010. All I know I will complete the main event match, with my manager, Tracey Kilby. I can see that he got something plan to suffering me and Tracey Kilby. But that doesn’t stop us! Nothing going to stop me, even Petey Staniforth, The Untouchable, Davey Jones, Lightning Lewis or anyone.

For my fans… Lots of people asked me “Will you champion again?“. Well all I can says is, I can guarantee that I will get PTW British Champion back to my waist again, by end of 2010. I wasn’t interest who going to champion of the PTW British Champion, will that be Davey Jones? Petey Staniforth? Tommy Steven? G The Lap-dancing? Mad Mike? Either The Nemesis? Lightning Lewis? Or even any Luton Town FC players. Because I am guarantee that I will bring it back to me, for me and my fans.

Obvious, I have been wrestle to lots of heel workers across of the United Kingdom. I may forgiven some of them, but that will not forgotten..

I’m going to make all of them pay for what have they done to me, so they get ready for a long road of pain and suffering. They may think that is nothing. But that isn’t nothing. On the 1st of January 2010 will just only the beginning. I take their pride, their dignity, their health, and I’m going to take everything away from them, and I am not going to stop until I get the PTW British Champion belt back to my waist. If they doesn’t like that, or so. Then only one person will be blame is, Mr. Petey Staniforth. It’s all his own fault to cause that. There is no way back. So he going to regret for it in one day.

Before I forget to mention that, the match will not just single match, handicap match, triple treat match or so. They can't escape, or protect themselves, and the match that you can’t have it every day. Because the match will be….  My first ever Steel Cage Match!

So yeah, you heard me…. When Midnight strikes, you will be ENTERTAINED!


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